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Would your friends put you on a Times Square billboard?
Jacqui and Sheri are on a mission to find a great guy for their single friend Sha.
They want to hear from you...

  • If you are single and interested in dating Sha, or

  • If you have a single friend or family member, who would be a good match

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About Sha
“Sha speaks life into those around her and isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but also within! If you are reading this, it could be your lucky day….

“Sha was a professional NFL cheerleader, has made appearances on music videos, so she’s much cooler than us. She’s ambitious, down to earth, adventurous, runs marathons and also a dog mom. She deserves someone who matches that energy and brings out the best in her.

We’re hoping she can find someone truly as special as she is; she’s so sweet and deserves to live out a happy life with a great partner that wants the same.”
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©2022 Wingman. All Rights Reserved.